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Ashley Silberfeld

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The professionals at Blank Rome are widely recognized for their leading knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of industries, as well as their dedication to diversity and inclusion initiatives and amazing pro bono work.

But what really sets Blank Rome apart is their investment in client relationships—their unwavering commitment to understanding their businesses, the around-the-clock access they provide, and their nimble and customized delivery of services. Blank Rome treats their goals, ideas, and objectives as their own and fight fiercely for resolutions that are in the client's best interest.

About Ashley Silberfeld
Ashley has an exceptional background in complex civil litigation that has served as a strong foundation to her family law practice that she began over 11 years ago. Additionally, she has extensive experience handling all aspects of family law matters from inception through trial and post-judgment matters, including litigating high-conflict custody, complicated property, and support issues in court, and utilizing mediation and other alternative forms of dispute resolution to reach settlements that are in her clients’ best interests, as well as drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Ashley is extremely committed to providing her clients with top-notch legal representation through strong legal advocacy, while also understanding the importance and complexity of the practical aspects attendant to all family law cases that should be considered in the final resolution.
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