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About The Firm
HomeOwners First
Commercial and Residential Real Estate

We are recognized as the industry leader in mortgage partnerships because we are experts in our business and deliver outstanding service to our customers.
Homeowners First Mortgage offers hundreds of loan choices to our customers, but our strength lies in the knowledge and experience of our loan officers. Many of our loan officers have been in the industry for decades and have successfully handled all types of home buying situations. Our loan officers are responsive, professional, and readily available to customers to answer questions, address issues, and move through the mortgage process smoothly.


About Bill Rayman

After graduating from Yale University as a Chemistry major, Bill received his MBA from NYU Business School, followed by a year of advanced study at the Wharton Graduate School of Business.  America Top10 named him the #1 Mortgage Broker in Los Angeles.  He recently made the top 1% of brokers nationally.
Joining the financial industry was expected.  What was unanticipated was how fun and rewarding the mortgage business can be.  Helping people understand their options so they can make informed decisions is a daily delight. Always know: Where there’s a BILL there’s a way.


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