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Legacy Wealth Partners
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21031 Ventura Blvd., Suite 103

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Since 2007, Legacy Wealth Partners has served as advocates for people looking to connect their wealth with their vision for the future. The team is dedicated to establishing long-lasting relationships that will allow them to bring purpose to their clients’ hard-earned wealth. By gaining insight into the unique needs, wants, and challenges of those they serve, the Legacy Wealth Partners are able to coordinate the various pieces of their client's financial picture so they can spend more time pursuing their utmost ambitions.

About Brad Levin

Brad Levin graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in Business Economics. Prior to establishing Legacy Wealth Partners, Brad was a Vice President and financial advisor with The Householder Group and a financial advisor at Kavesh and Gau. In addition to working with clients one-on-one and overseeing the direction of our firm, he is a portfolio manager with a strong focus on technical analysis and is deeply involved in the management of our investment strategies. Brad's sincere interest in helping others find balance is evident in the time he spends listening and getting to know their hopes and fears. In the midst of these exchanges, he begins his most meaningful work, streamlining the details of a person’s financial picture so they can find fulfillment beyond a monetary amount.



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