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Brian Hemsworth

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Newman Grace Inc.
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6133 Fallbrook Avenue

Woodland Hills, California 91367

A company's brand is a direct connection to their customers. It’s an investment in your business. Good branding builds value in your company. Poor branding puts your company’s value at risk. At Newman Grace, we turn ordinary brands into extraordinary brands with powerful marketing strategies. If you’d like to know how a strategic branding campaign will build value in your business, we’d like to show you.

About Brian Hemsworth

Brian has more than three decades of marketing, advertising, and branding experience. He is the president and CMO of Newman Grace Inc. and has worked on brands from startups to Fortune 500 companies. For more than a decade he has served as an adjunct professor in Pepperdine University’s Communication Division as well as at Woodbury University. A “renaissance man” of communications, he has won awards as a commercial director and producer, a magazine editor, and as a marketing professional. He has written two books, “10 Great Things About My Heart Attack” and “New Marketing Rules for Attorneys, Accountants and Advisors.”


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