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DMJ Insurance Services, INC.
Insurance Services


333 Lantana Street, Suite 295

Camarillo, CA 93010

DMJ Insurance Services is a one-stop call center for all employee and employer insurance needs including: COBRA issues, Affordable Care Act, flexible spending accounts, claim issues, referrals to specialists, ID cards, Rx problems, and other issues requiring administrative support. As an Insurance and Employee Benefits Coach, they have the answers needed  (or can easily get them) so that clients don’t have to spend valuable time on hold.

About Donald Jones

Donald is constantly in-tune with current state and federal legislation, educating his clients with live trainings on upcoming healthcare reforms. By guiding his clients on their responsibilities, such as medical leaves, he serves as an extension to their HR department saving them from hefty fines and possible employee litigation by ensuring they are compliant. Marrying his skills with his clients’ needs and requirements is a timely and valuable capability that many insurance brokers do not offer.

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