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Jennifer Felten, Esq.

About The Firm
Real Estate Development


699 Hampshire Rd., Suite 215

Westlake Village, CA 91361

RELAW, APC was founded in 2015 to provide practical legal solutions for businesses, institutions, and individuals with real estate needs. The company's real estate attorneys and staff provide comprehensive services, for client's transactional, litigative and regulatory needs. The firm practices primarily in the areas of escrow and title, subdivision, estate and probate, and real estate disputes. As a result, clients include escrow professionals, title companies, real estate developers, lending institutions, real estate professionals, and owners of real property.

About Jennifer Felten
Jennifer Felten, Esq. is the principal owner of RELAW, APC, a boutique real estate law firm specializing in Escrow Title and Brokerage Law, Real Estate Development, Estate Planning and Probate. Ms. Felten has worked in the real estate industry since 1993


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