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Jerri Hemsworth

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Newman Grace Inc.
Marketing and Brand Development


6133 Fallbrook Avenue

Woodland Hills, California 91367

A company's brand is a direct connection to their customers. It’s an investment in your business. Good branding builds value in your company. Poor branding puts your company’s value at risk. At Newman Grace, we turn ordinary brands into extraordinary brands with powerful marketing strategies. If you’d like to know how a strategic branding campaign will build value in your business, we’d like to show you.

About Jerri Hemsworth

Newman Grace is one of the California’s leading marketing communications firms. Jerri is the CEO and Creative Director and oversees all of the company’s creative activities. In addition to their active client roster, Jerri has devoted Newman Grace time, services and money to local organizations including Shane’s Inspiration, Haven Hills, Pepperdine University, Operation Gratitude, and others. She has also been a vocal advocate for small business issues in Sacramento, and is past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, California. She currently is an adjunct graphic design professor at Woodbury University in the School of Media, Culture and Design.



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