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Marlo Van Oorschot, Esq.

About The Firm
Van Oorschot Law Group, PC


10513 Santa Monica Boulevard

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Strategy.Guidance.Teamwork.® is more than just a slogan. It defines our relationship with you. It defines how we work with you to make a significant transition in your life, empowered with knowledge, a new perspective and productive solutions. We use the right approach at the right time for each individual client, counseling you as a trusted partner in every step of your family law concern.

When we represent you, we begin the process by working with you to craft a Strategy. We discuss with you your goals and desires, and use this information to determine the best path for your matter. Together we may modify our Strategy as circumstances require.

We understand the issues, laws and the courts, and use our years of experience in family law matters to give you Guidance on the path that makes the most sense for your matter.

Most importantly we provide you with Teamwork. When you engage us, you engage a team; you engage our entire firm. While there may be one attorney that is your primary point of contact, all of the attorneys in the firm, and any experts engaged outside the firm, have an understanding of the status of your matter. This Teamwork enables us to combine our experience to achieve the best Strategy for your matter, offering you Guidance efficiently and effectively.

With strategy, guidance and teamwork, we strive to make a positive difference for you at one of the most difficult times in your life, so you can move past the pain toward a better future.

About Marlo Van Oorschot

I call it the “appreciation file.” I began it over 20 years ago when I started as a Family Law attorney and it grows every year. The appreciation file contains all of the very personal and touching thank you letters I’ve received from individuals and families I’ve helped transition through extremely challenging personal times. I keep the file as a reminder of the very important work we do in helping our clients. It reminds me that I make a difference for my clients because I’m always there when they need me.

Over the last 20 years I’ve been privileged to help hundreds of clients resolve their divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, and property disputes. I focus on getting clients from crisis to contentment, and from chaos to safety, stability and happiness. As the founder and managing partner of Van Oorschot Law Group, PC, I approach each client’s legal concern through a process that I trademarked as “Strategy. Guidance. Teamwork. ™”  This means I work with each client as a trusted partner, assessing their needs through every step in divorce and family law proceedings.    As a zealous advocate focused on complete resolution, I bring a wide range of litigation and mediation skills to the table.

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