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RMM Accounting
Business planning, financial accounting and reporting, and financial modeling


23679 Calabasas Road., Suite 946

Calabasas, CA 91302

The services provided by RMM Accounting are designed to help businesses through financial and operational planning, including cash flow budgeting, staffing and work flow process planning, and organizational development. The firm can also help clients with developing better banking and vendor relationships, getting the right HR, legal help and streamline operations. For turnaround situations, RMM Accounting's services include cash flow management, product and staffing analysis, and investigative accounting.

About Jerri Hemsworth

Randy Miller is one of the two principals at RMM Accounting. His background includes focus on: Financial Services, Retail, Business Services, Telecommunications & Internet Services, Printing, and Light Manufacturing. Not only does Randy have 30 years of experience in financial and operational management but also another 15 years in forensic accounting and restructuring operations for Chapter 11 companies. He has also participated as the Senior Financial Officer for four start-up companies in the mortgage banking, internet, and telecommunications industries.

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