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Westlake Investment Advisors.
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5743 Corsa Avenue., Suite 113

Westlake Village CA 91362

At Westlake Investment Advisors, they manage the wealth of several dozen successful families.  While each family has achieved their success in different ways and are at varying stages in life, they tend to have similar wishes:

  • They like the lifestyle that their wealth affords them.  They’re millionaires – they have no desire to become “thousand-aires.”
  • They want to take care of their family, enjoy their retirement, and leave a meaningful legacy behind.
  • They’re willing to take some risk, but they want to avoid crippling losses.
  • They want to work with an advisor who understands them, cares about them, puts their interests first, communicates well with them, and is always available for them.  In short, families want a relationship with an advisor that they can completely trust.  At Westlake Investment Advisors, clients will never be disappointed.
About Rocky Mills

Rocky has been working very closely with many high net worth families since the late 1970’s. He is an extremely experienced and trusted advisor.

His roles include:

Financial Advisor / Investment Management Consultant / Portfolio Management Director
Branch Manager for several highly acclaimed offices
Manager, Retail Options Department (New York)
Manager, National Marketing Center (New York)
Sales Manager, Resource Management Account (New York)
Director of Marketing (Chicago), including Advertising, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Financial Planning, Managed Accounts
Member, Board of Directors
Chairman, Financial Consultants Advisory Council

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